Stevedore & Marine Transportation

Stevedore & Marine Transportation

Stevedore and Marine Transportation service for bulk cargo and general cargo by Floating crane barge, Heavy machinery, Stevedore workers, tools and modern equipment with a reasonable fee. We provide solution advisor of marine transportation to give an advice and problems solving for customers.

Floating crane barge

• 4 floating crane barges. High capacity discharging/loading cargo with rate more than 50,000 tons per day. Handling cargos in many hold of vessels in the same time.
• Grab massive high efficiency. Protect the cargo from damage while on operation.
• Control and monitor automation by PLC system and CCTV 24 hours
• Marine transportation services for soy beans, cassava waste, fertilizer, coal, iron ore pellets, it finished steel products, such as billet, coil and plates.

Tug boat & Barge service

With a quality management team. We have been entrusted to manage the cargos over 500,000 tons per month. Moreover, we are available in a full range of equipments and tools in strengthen cooperation of our alliances. To provide supporting in marine transportation cargos such as heavy equipments, warehouses and trucks. So you can be assured that the cargos will be delivered to the destination safely and on time.

• Tug boat and barge that serves more than 150,000 tons.
• Transportation route from Koh Si Chang – Bangpakong – Bangkok – Ayutthaya – Mahachai – Nakornpathom by experience for over 20 years.
• Transportation Management System TMS (Transport Management System) and GPS tracking systems and e-GenKit.

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